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Quint Mojito

The premium Mojito Mix

QUINT mojito is a ready to drink rum-based Cuban cocktail. With QUINT mojito, you are sure to serve the same quality every time. QUINT mojito has an alcohol content of 14.9% , so it is smooth with the right taste.

Our recommended way to use

  1. Keep the QUINT mojito cold in the refrigerator.
  2. Add crushed ice into the QUINT mojito glass.
  3. Pour QUINT mojito over the crushed ice and add some slices of lime and some leaves of mint into the glass as presentation.
  4. Now it is ready to consume. Salud!

Available in

70cl bottles - 3 liter bag in box
The quality is preserved for one year when the packaging is kept closed. Once it is open, the quality is preserved for 2 weeks for the bottles and 6 months for the BIB.

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