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Quint Gluck

14% Glühwein

QUINT GLÜCK is a wine to be heated with traditional herbs used in Germany. Hot wine is a traditional drink that people consume in France, Germany and other northern European countries like Sweden and Norway, during Christmas time, while skiing or just to warmup. The use of traditional and natural ingredients along with the higher alcohol content (14%) gives GLÜCK a full and rich taste you will enjoy.

Our recommended way to use

  • Heat GLÜCK in a steamer or microwave.
  • Add a slice of orange and/or lemon (depending if you want it sweet or sweeter)
  • Now it is ready to consume. Prosit!

Available in

75cl bottles (red and white) - 5 liter bag in box BIB (red)
The quality is preserved for one year when the packaging is kept closed. Once it is open, the quality is preserved for 2 weeks for the bottles and 6 months for the BIB.

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