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About Quint

QUINT, originally founded in 1990 in Belgium, produces a unique type of high-quality sangria. Unlike traditional sangria, which is composed of 6% to 10% alcohol, Quint uses a recipe that retains the full flavor and does not dilute the taste with water. Compared to its competitors, QUINT sangria has an alcohol content of 15%. 

Here is a brief explanation of the production and differences of traditional sangrias versus QUINT sangria: Traditional sangrias use blended wine with an alcohol content of between 11-13%. Extract, flavoring agents and sweeteners or glucose syrup are then added. Then, water is added to decrease the alcohol content to about 7-8%.  Consequently, the sangria is diluted by the addition of the water which causes it to lose the taste, color, and quality of the product.

Conversely, QUINT sangria uses Spanish quality wines. For the red sangria, Garnacha, Bobal and Temperanillo are used and for the white sangria, Airen is used. Next, natural fruit extracts are added and surreal sugar is used to sweeten it. To deliver a top quality sangria,  alcohol is added until it reaches a 15% alcohol content. This ensures that there is no loss of flavor, color, or quality.

The current owners, Karine Quintelier (where the name QUINT comes from) and Daniel De Schepper originally started producing the product in 1990, the first five years QUINT sangria have be modified and adjusted to the needs of their customers to create the perfect sangria a it is now. In the beginning they distributed QUINT sangria directly to bars and restaurants. They did this so that the bars and restaurants could serve a better quality of sangria, attracting more customers due to the more refined sangria. After 25 years, QUINT sangria is now a well known brand, which has started first at various beaches and vacation resorts throughout Belgium . This helped QUINT to expand their market from the vacations resorts to the home use, as people would like to enjoy their QUINT sangria at their BBQ, weddings and all other parties, even for their daily use as aperitif.

In order to cater to this new market, QUINT chose to produce several smaller packages and use some highend bottles to show the value of the product inside and started to distribute QUINT sangria to supermarkets and other retailers. To maintain the quality and provide the great demand for QUINT sangria, production has been moved from Belgium to Madrid, Spain, as this was a logical decision as the grapes used to QUINT sangria are growning in Spain, where QUINT sangria continues to be manually produced today by there high standards.

Today QUINT sangria continues to deliver its famous top quality product.